Limousine Ames Lake: Nightlife

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Palmers East

Located at 7853 Leary Way NE, Palmers East is a smart one for Ames Lake Limousine Seattle customers who enjoy a good dive bar atmosphere and a fun night at karaoke! Tuesday nights are really ideal because they offer their burgers half off! Their curly fries are so delicious too, very highly recommended. Great staff and friendly service here too! Call for more info at (425) 867-3837.

Pete's Grill & Pub

Located at 4640 Tolt Ave, Pete's has always been a favorite of ours and a whole lot of our customers in Ames Lake say the same. This is an old fashioned diner type of spot with yummy fries, great chicken fried steak, and most of the food served in baskets just like back in the day! You'll love the friendly service and the overall vibe. Call for more information at (425) 333-4300.

Lazy K's Pizza & Pasta

Found at 4573 Tolt Ave, Lazy K's has been a favorite of our Limousine Seattle customers in the Ames Lake area for ages! It's half bar and half pizzeria, pretty family friendly in the daytime and then becoming more of an adults-only place toward the evening. We love the cute decor and the fun vibe, and we especially appreciate the friendly staff. Call them up at (425) 333-5299.

The Matador

Located at 7824 Leary Way NE, The Matador is a cool Mexican restaurant and bar that is really ideal for your limousine trips in this area. The food is Tex-Mex style and the vibe is trendy bar style, which we think is just the ideal combination and a nice change from the usual! We are in love with their black bean nachos, so tasty and good! Lots of good stuff here. Call them up at (425) 883-2855.

Pine Lake Ale House

Found at 640 228th Ave NE, Pine Lake Ale house is a really great one for our limo customers in the Ames Lake area. This is more of a pub than a bar, with super friendly staff and cozy ambiance that will make you want to stay a good long while. The food is superb, with a great selection of sandwiches and traditional pub fare that will really fill you up on the cheap. Call them at (425) 898-9099.

Duvall Grill & Tap Room

Easy to find at 15602 Main St, this one is known for the burgers and the beers and it's just so cozy! We love that they separate things into the bar side and the restaurant side, so you can really choose your ambiance based on your mood. We've been served the most juicy and delicious hamburgers here, and the most irresistible fries! You'll love 'em. Reach them at (425) 844-1430.

Pomegranate Bistro

Found at 18005 NE 68th St, this Limousine Seattle favorite is just perfectly situated in the Ames Lake area for your upcoming trip! They are known for their gourmet food, including breakfasts and brunches that all the locals love! The parmesan truffle fries are unbelievable and so low priced too. Sitting at the bar is an absolute joy and the service is pure perfection. Call them any time at (425) 556-5972.

Flying Apron

The Flying Apron located at 16541 Redmond Way, Suite E in Redmond, is a fantastic little bakery with plenty of gluten free and vegan options. This great bakery caters to the sweet tooth in everyone. They even have beer and wine! If you're looking for a spot to grab some sweet snacks for a birthday party, try the pumpkin bars blueberry scones, or any of the yummy cakes at Flying Apron! Hungry for lunch? They serve some great sandwiches and other food as well! They can be contacted via phone at (206) 442-1115.

Silver Spoon Thai Restaurant

Found at 23525 NE Novelty Hill Rd, this is a must-visit for our Limousine Seattle customers in the Ames Lake area who love Thai food! The flavors are so enticing here. The curry dishes are our absolute favorites. We could just dive right into them, they are so irresistible! Wonderful staff, very pleasant ambiance in the restaurant too. Call them for more info or reservations at (425) 898-7799.


Located at 22350 NE Marketplace Dr, Ixtapa has got to be one of our favorite Mexican bars around here in the Ames Lake area, just ideal for our Limousine Seattle customers! We love the consistency here, with the same staff that they had years ago, and a true eye for detail and quality. The food is just sperb. We love the burritos, rice, and beans! Reachable by phone at (425) 868-8283.

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