Limousine Baring: Nightlife


Cascadia Inn

Conveniently located at 210 Railroad Ave E, Cascadia Inn is not only an ideal place to stay when you're in the Baring area but it's also a great place to stop in and get a bite to eat whether or not you're staying there! There's a restaurant and little bar downstairs where you can really get some nice grub and fill up without having to pay a fortune for it! Nice service too. Call them at (360) 677-2030.

Zeke's Drive-In

With a nice location at 43810 State Rt 2, this old fashioned drive-in and diner is a must-visit for our Limousine Seattle customers in the Baring area! We love their burgers and fries, both with generously sized portions, and everything here is just so old fashioned and good! They do accept debit and credit, but there is a $7 minimum. Shouldn't be a problem when you're feeding a whole limo group! Call them up for info at (360) 793-2287.

Prospector's Steak & Ale

Conveniently found at 201 Croft Ave, this is an absolutely ideal steakhouse and American restaurant that serves up the most delicious hearty food around. Limousine Seattle customers love the fact that this Baring area gem also has really fun karaoke nights where you can sing your heart out with all your good buddies. Great food and drinks! You can call them for further information at (360) 799-2461.

Whistling Post Tavern

Found at 116 Railroad Ave E, this really old fashioned and simple pub is a nice spot to stop in for some drinks when you are traveling with Limousine Seattle in the Baring area. They've got pool tables and nice flat screen TVs for watching sports, not to mention some of the best service in town, and all at such a pretty price. You can talk to them at (360) 677-2333 for info on anything.

La Hacienda

Found at 101 9th St, La Hacienda is a smart place to get some delicious and affordable Mexican food! They're very consistent with the quality here and everything always tastes so amazing. We're big fans of the chips and salsa as well as the cheesy enchiladas and the burritos too! Even the simple tacos are just delicious. Great place to chill! Reach them by phone at (360) 793-1096.

Mountain View Diner

Found at 1306 Croft Ave, Mountain View Diner is a cozy family friendly place in this area where our limo customers can really feel like they are getting away from it all. They're known for their delicious breakfasts, and you'll really love loading up on generous portions of eggs, breakfast meats, fruit, toast, and juice! Lunch and dinner are great here too. Call them at (360) 793-3345.

Rico's Pizza

Located at 40709 State Rt 2, Rico's Pizza is the kind of place where you and all your friends will love going in a Limousine Seattle vehicle to enjoy some of the tastiest pizza in town. It's old fashioned yet modern, just a cool spot that's very inviting for great conversations with your good friends, and just relaxing the stress of the work week away. Call for info at (360) 793-3333.

Finaghty's Irish Pub

Found at 7726 Center Blvd SE, this Irish pub gets it right in every possible way, nailing that authentic Irish pub atmosphere and definitely making an impression when it comes to the traditional Irish pub fare! The fish and chips are the must-have as far as we are concerned, served with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, and tartar sauce. So good! Talk to them at (425) 888-8833.

Foggy Goggle

You can find this one at Summit Stevens Pass, and we just love the name of it! They've got an ever-changing menu so there's something new to try every time you come in. The food is very good and there's plenty of open space here so even your largest limo groups will be easily accommodated. Nice drinks and great service! Speak to them at (206) 812-4510.

Alpen Village Drive-In

This one is located at 36023 State Rt 2, in just the perfect spot for our Limousine Seattle customers in the Baring area. You'll love ordering up a nice platter of delicious hamburgers and then sitting at the outdoor picnic tables with all your friends while you nosh. Everything is fresh and delicious from the food to the drinks. We're impressed! Call for more information at (360) 793-0811.

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