Limousine Beaux Arts Village: Nightlife


The Pumphouse Bar & Grill

Can be visited at 11802 NE 8th St, they are a real favorite of our Limousine Seattle customers in the Beaux Arts Village area. They have an awesome selection of beers and a nice array of food to choose from too. It's primarily a sports bar atmosphere and it is indeed a very nice place to watch the game on their flat screen TVs. Absolutely exceptional service as well! Reach them at (425) 455-4110.

JOEY Bellevue

Located at 800 Bellevue Way NE, JOEY Bellevue is an awesome American lounge that offers up a whole lot of good stuff for a pretty affordable price! They've even got sushi here, which we found to be absolutely fresh and delicious! The array of drinks that are available are very impressive, and we like the specialty ones the best. Limousine Seattle partygoers love this Beaux Arts Village favorite! Reach them by phone at (425) 637-1177.

Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar

Located at 205 108th Ave NE, this establishment is a particularly popular one for the seafood lovers who travel in our limousines in this area! They've got valet parking but you won't need that when you're with us. The formal dining room is excellent and the casual bar area is great too. The ahi tuna is our favorite thing on the menu and we love the oysters. Talk to them with questions at (425) 456-0010.

Bar Code

Found at 1020 108th Ave NE, this one has a cheesy name but a consistent experience and it's worth recommending! Their happy hour prices apply to their pizzas which helps to save you some dough, and it's twice a day, so there are plenty of opportunities to be frugal here without having an actually frugal experience! Great food, great drinks, great service! You can reach them easily at (425) 455-4278.

John Howie Steak Restaurant

Found at 11111 NE 8th St, John Howie's is one of the coolest steakhouses and lounges that you will ever encounter in the Beaux Arts Village area! The vibe is relaxed but very nice and they serve up delicious steaks and burgers that will satisfy even the hungriest carnivores in your camp! Pricey, sure, but well worth every dollar that you'll spend. This one may be reached at (425) 440-0880.

Bis on Main

You can visit this one at 10213 Main St and it's by far one of the coolest bars and restaurants that you could ever visit in the Beaux Arts Village area when you're with Limousine Seattle. The fish tacos are our favorite item on the menu, and they're even better during happy hour because you'll save a bundle! Delicious steaks and seafood here too. Call them at (425) 455-2033.

Purple Cafe & Wine Bar

Visit this one at 430 106th Ave NE and you'll be so glad that you did! The wine bar is so pleasant, located in the middle of the restaurant, and really packed with tons of elegant options for you and your Limousine Seattle crew to enjoy. They've got lots of yummy American items on the menu that will fill you up and keep you satisfied. A very impressive experience! Phone them up at (425) 502-6292.

Tap House Grill

This one's located at 1506 6th Ave in Seattle, very easy to find when you're out here with Limousine Seattle. This is a very popular spot to watch the Michigan and Michigan State games as well as all the big sporting events on TV. The food and drinks are excellent and the service is out of this world! Easy to reach by phone at (425) 467-1730.

Daniel's Broiler

Found at 10500 NE 8th St, this is one of our favorite steakhouses around here. They have great happy hour prices at the bar that will help you get a good buzz without breaking the bank. The food is just superb. We'd recommend any one of the steaks or burgers to you. So good! Wonderful service really rounds out the whole experience here. Call them for info or reservations at (425) 462-4662.

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