Limousine Black Diamond: Nightlife


Black Diamond Bakery & Restaurant

Easy to visit at 32805 Railroad Ave, this bakery and restaurant is known for their incredible baked goods, and Limousine Seattle customers in the Black Diamond area really enjoy stopping in to enjoy some of that! The pastries, breads, and pies are just superb, and when you pair them with an expertly crafted espresso drink, you're good to go. Easy to reach them anytime at (360) 886-2235.

Mama Passarelli's Dinner House

Found at 24306 Roberts Dr, this little old fashioned Italian steakhouse is just too cute to resist! The antiques and photographs that provide the decor also provide a bit of entertainment as you take the time to check them out. The old woodwork and the beautiful old bar are perks too. Great food and amazing service round out the whole experience. Call them up for info at (360) 886-2524.

Ristretto's Coffee & Wine

Found at 27203 216th Ave SE is Ristretto's, an absolutely ideal coffee, tea, and wine bar that also functions as a cozy cafe and bistro. Lunch is the ideal time to come in and enjoy a light meal along with some refreshing espresso, coffee, or tea drinks, and you may even want to choose something off their wine list to go with that lunch or with a delectable dinner. Easy to call them up anytime at (425) 433-6455.

Black Diamond Pizza & Deli

Found at 32700 Railroad Ave, this one is really a popular one with our Limousine Seattle customers! They love the huge and delicious pizza pies, and of course the deli favorites are a must-have as well. You cannot go wrong with any of their sandwiches, and we cannot think of a better lunch in this area! The pizza is great to share for dinner. You can call them at (360) 886-9217.

Hop Jacks

Found at 26420 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd, this is a cool bar that serves up really delicious food that always satisfies our Limousine Seattle groups in the Black Diamond area. We're hooked on their delicious fresh cut fries, and we just go wild over their burgers and steaks. It's often jam-packed, especially on weekends, so do call ahead for your limo group! Call them at (425) 433-1111.

Farrelli's Wood-Fire Pizza

Easy to visit at 26642 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd SE, this is our favorite place in the Black Diamond area to get some truly delicious wood-fired pizza. Many compare this one to The Rock, but with a more grown and upscale vibe. We agree! The cool bar/restaurant style is just ideal for limousine groups. Great food and drinks and wonderful service. Easy to reach at (425) 584-7340.

Gino's Bistro

Conveniently located at 23917 SE Kent Kangley Rd, this is an absolutely ideal Italian bistro where you can indulge in a huge array of delectable appetizers and entrees, but what stands out most in our minds is the martini list! It's large and the drinks are well-crafted, making this a real treat for the martini lover traveling with Limousine Seattle. Highly recommended. Call them up at (425) 433-6220.

El Caporal

A quick visit at 26915 Maple Valley Black Diamond when you're craving Mexican food in Black Diamond, we cannot think of a better option than this one! It's got a bit of a dive bar feel and we like the simplicity of it. The burritos and enchiladas are just delicious and we're simply hooke don their yummy fresh margaritas! We think you will be too. Quick to call them up at (425) 432-8488.

Golden Chopsticks

Just a stone's throw away at 24015 SE Kent Kangley Rd, Golden Chopsticks is a cool spot where our Limousine Seattle customers in the Black Diamond area can enjoy a truly yummy Asian meal along with some delectable cocktails. These are tropical cocktails that pair so well with these fine dishes of the Orient. Amazing chicken and seafood dishes here. A super quick call away at (425) 432-9968.

Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza is located at 417 Ramsay Way in Kent. It's a bit of a drive, but if you're out bar hopping in a party bus it's an easy trip that's well worth it! Fresh, delicious pizza without overly processed ingredients or chemicals - basically, you can justify the pizza as a health food, and we like that idea. Plus they have beer and wine, both of which are great with pizza. They have fantastic pizza and can be reached at (253) 277-1553.

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