Limousine Burien: Nightlife

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Tin Room Bar

Located at 923 SW 152nd St, this has got to be one of Limousine Seattle's favorites in the Burien area! We love the antique style of the decor and just the overall vibe here. The people who work here are super friendly and they really make you feel right at home. We love everything on the menu, including the wings and nachos and steak sandwiches! Call them for further information at (206) 242-8040.

909 Coffee & Wine

Located at 909 SW 152nd St, this place is ideal for Limousine Seattle customers who love coffee and tea, not to mention wine! Their selection is just superb and they have some really creative offerings here that you will not expect to see. They've added on more dining space recently, so if you haven't stopped in in a while, check it out! You can call them up at (206) 243-7909.

The Greek House

Found at 113 SW 153rd St, this is a great Greek restaurant and lounge where you can get all your favorite Greek delicacies plus delicious drinks that will keep you buzzing! We love the moussaka and the lamb grape leaves, and the baklava is just too good to resist! The lounge and bar side is very conducive to great conversation with your friends. You can reach them by phone at (206) 686-4030.

La Costa Restaurant

Found at 206 SW 152nd St, this one's a near-perfect Mexican restaurant that Limousine Seattle feels very comfortable recommending to all our customers in the Burien area. Their giant margaritas are absolutely delectable, and we love to chill out here and listen to the mariachi bands play. Excellent service and an all around pleasurable experience. Call them for further information at (206) 243-1797.

Elmer's Pub

Found at 15027 Ambaum Blvd SW, this is a great restaurant and bar with a dive bar atmosphere. It's simple and straightforward, kept nice and clean, and the folks who work here are very friendly, so you always feel very cozy and right at home. You'll enjoy burgers and great bar fare here as well as a nice selection of drinks. Cool lighting and relaxing atmosphere! You can reach this one at (206) 439-1007.

Sidestreet Kitchen & Bar

Conveniently located at 717 SW 148th St, this is a great American bar and restaurant where you can kick back in the dim lighting and just relax the stresses of the prior work week away. We love the wood tables and the lovely ambiance, and we especially appreciate the very friendly service that we receive here. The food is just superb. Try everything, you'll love it all! This one can be reached at (206) 402-5428.

Osteria Da Primo

You can find this one at 631 SW 152nd St and it's probably one of the greatest places to nosh on fine Italian food in the whole state of Washington! Limousine Seattle customers in the Burien area just go crazy over this one. The array of appetizers and entrees is just too good to believe. We're particularly big fans of the chicken and seafood dishes. You can reach them at (206) 246-5561.

Black Zia Cantina

Found at 15212 6th Ave SW, Black Zia Cantina is a true favorite of ours when we are craving great Mexican food in the Burien area. Limousine Seattle partygoers know that they can rely on this one every time! The nacho cheese sauce is delish and really makes everything taste amazing! We love the enchiladas and burritos the most. Easily reachable by phone at (206) 420-3869.

Taqueria La Estacion

Found at 14820 Ambaum Blvd SW, this is another one of Limousine Seattle's Mexican favorites and we think that you'll really enjoy it when you're in the Burien area with us. This is a smaller one, so we recommend it more for your smaller limo groups. The food is truly delicious and we like the fact that they offer online ordering, perfect for takeout in the limo! Call them up at (206) 439-3944.

Mark Restaurant & Bar

Located at 918 SW 152nd St, this is both a Burien favorite and a Limousine Seattle favorite! We love the bar side the most, and most especially during happy hour! The prices will blow your mind and the quality of everything is just off the charts. We love everything that they serve here, from the simple hamburgers to the delicious salads to the impressive entrees! Call for info or reservations at (206) 241-6275.

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