Limousine Seattle: Events

Limousine Seattle serves all types of events in the Seattle area, and there is virtually no limit to the types of attractions that our professional chauffeurs can take you to. We serve all areas surrounding Seattle, including but not limited to the Downtown area, Capitol Hill and Central District, Fremont and Ballard, the International District, North Seattle, Pioneer Square, Queen Anne and Seattle Center, South Seattle, the University District, Wallingford and Greenlake, West Seattle, Bellevue and Eastside, and all Puget Sound regions. No matter what types of events are happening in these areas, Limousine Seattle can take you there.

Perhaps you want to attend a festival or special event in the area, or visit one of the many major attractions, or take a tour. There are also plenty of dance and film events, as well as concerts and music events, that happen on any given day in the Limousine Seattle service area. You may enjoy attending readings and lectures, or going to see a show at the theatre. And of course there are many wonderful museums and historical locations to visit, plus sporting events too. With so much to do in the city, what better way to travel and see everything there is to see than with a bunch of your friends in a chauffeured limousine?

Of course, we are very popular especially during the late spring and early summer, for those perennial events that take place every year. What events are those? Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, and proms, of course! Any time of year is a great time to plan a birthday celebration, and many holidays certainly call for a limo, like St Patrick's Day for bar hopping, Christmas for visiting family in style (or better yet picking up your family to come and visit you!), and New Year's Eve for the celebration of a lifetime the way that only you can plan it! For our most in-demand times of year, we recommend booking early.

Many people love to rent our limos for a night of bar hopping, club hopping, or a good old fashioned pub crawl. Others love to hit all their favorite cultural attractions in the daytime, such as museums, history and heritage sites, and even attend some readings and lectures. There's such a wide spectrum of reasons to require our services, but no matter what your reasons are, you can be sure that we will put all of our time and effort into providing the best possible transportation in the Seattle area.

When you are ready to book limo service with Limousine Seattle, you can click here for complete contact information or just give us a call at the telephone number at the top of this page. Otherwise click the link below to continue through our website!

Popular Events

Below are some of the most common events we service, but certainly not all!

Nights out
Bachelor Parties
Sporting Events