Limousine Seattle: Vehicles

It is with great pride that Limousine Seattle presents to you our prestigious fleet of limos. We have invested enormous amounts of time and money into an array of limousines that can easily serve all your needs, from the most basic of travel needs to the most luxurious entertainment desires. Whether you simply seek a comfortable ride to and from an event, or all-day and all-night transportation packages that are designed to impress, Limousine Seattle's vehicles are best equipped to give you exactly that.

It all begins with brand new vehicles that are kept in pristine working order by regular maintenance and personal inspection before and after every trip. We keep them immaculately clean and fresh, with a nonsmoking policy across the board in all vehicles and cupholders to prevent any spills from taking place on the road. We outfit our vehicles with the highest quality premium tires, luxurious leather seating, and dark tinted windows for complete privacy for the duration of your trip. Whether you're traveling for business or entertainment, your comfort is ensured and we refuse to take chances with it.

While comfort should be the only concern of yours during the trip, your safety is our top priority. At the helm of these vehicles are professional chauffeurs who know all the best routes through the city. They can get you where you're going efficiently and on time, but just in case a certain address isn't familiar, we provide them with state of the art GPS systems that they can rely on as well. These chauffeurs have faced a rigorous testing process to become a part of our team, including drug tests, background checks, driving record checks, and driving tests. You can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands with our chauffeurs.

Beyond comfort and safety, entertainment is a must! Our vehicles are all equipped with their own special entertainment features that you will certainly enjoy when you are on the road. Most vehicles have flat screen televisions and DVD players for you to enjoy when you are traveling, and some also feature HD antennas to pull in live broadcasts when the limo is parked. There are granite or acrylic bars in our vehicles with built-in coolers so that you can mix your favorite cocktails or serve your favorite wine or beer. Of course for those that don't drink alcohol, you can simply make use of the bars as a place to store your ice cold bottles of water, iced tea, iced coffee, soda, juice, or sports drinks! There are cup holders too, so you don't have to clutch your drink the entire time. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride with your guests, and have everything you need at your fingertips.

If you would like to give us a call to discuss the specifics of our fleet of limousines, such as the makes and models that we are currently featuring as well as how many passengers they hold, you can give us a call at the telephone number at the top of this page. If you would like to email us, you can find our contact information right here. We look forward to hearing from you!


6 Passenger Town Car

Our smallest limousine is our 6 passenger Lincoln Towncar Stretch. This beautiful and classic limousine has comfortable leather seating, champagne glasses, colorful mood lighting, AM/FM stereo, MP3 player connectivity, large coolers, TVs, DVD player, and more. This limousine is perfect for airport shuttles or a romantic date night!

8 Passenger Town Car

Our 8 passenger Lincoln Towncar Stretch is great for groups of 6 to 8 passengers. This vehicle has spacious seating, champagne glasses, colorful mood lighting, AM/FM stereo, MP3 player connectivity, large coolers, TVs, DVD player, and more. Consider this beautiful limousine for any night out in Seattle!

10 Passenger Town Car

Plush leather seating, deep tinted windows, large coolers, TVs, DVD player, champagne glasses, color-changing lighting, CD player, iPod hookup, and a great stereo system are what you can expect to find on our lavish 10 passenger Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine! This limo is perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays, concerts, or airport shuttle.

10 Passenger Chrysler 300

Our Chrysler 300 stretch seats up to 10 passengers. This Seattle limo has a tuxedo exterior, with a black canvas top and pearl white body. Inside you'll find plush leather seats, mirrored ceiling, plasma TV, colorful lighting throughout, fiber optic lighting, and much more!

12 Passenger Lincoln MKT

This is our most unique limousine! With room for up to 12 passengers, our Lincoln MKT Towncar Stretch Limo is the only one like it in the entire state! Plush leather J-style seating, beautiful lighting effects, bar area with cooler and glasses, and amazing sound system make this limousine perfect for weddings, birthdays, proms, and anything in between!

16 Passenger Hummer

Our gorgeous Hummer limousine, with space for up to 16 passengers, is a truly lavish vehicle! This limousine features the following: Plush leather seating, starlight ceiling, high-end sound system, multiple TVs, DVD player, CD player, iPod hookup, electrical system with touch screen control, and on board bar and cooler area!

22 Passenger Cadillac Escalade

When you think of a Cadillac Escalade you think "luxurious." But a Cadillac Escalade stretch limo? Absolutely lavish. This limousine has comfortable leather seating for up to 22 passengers, an amazing sound system, several TVs, DVD player, surround sound, CD player, iPod hookup, fiber optic lighting, and even a back VIP area for up to four guests!

Limo Buses

10 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

One of our smaller sized vehicles is this beautiful Mercedes Sprinter van for up to 10 passengers. This limo van has supple leather seats, a large TV, DVD player, vibrant LED lights, and a spacious beverage bar. You'll love celebrating on board this luxe Mercedes Benz!

12 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Next up in size is our beautiful Sprinter for up to 12 passengers. This limo has hardwood flooring, supple leather seats, colorful LED lighting, a beverage bar and cooler, a flat panel TV, DVD player, a booming sound system with CD player and iPod connectivity. It's a perfect vehicle for any celebration.

14 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

One of our larger Mercedes Sprinters is this gorgeous 14 passenger option. On board you'll find a fully customized limousine interior with leather seats, vibrant lights, a cooler and beverage station, a TV and DVD player, CD player, phone/iPod connection, and an outstanding stereo system.

14 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Our Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo Van is a perfect choice for mid-sized groups of up to 14. This vehicle has a fully redesigned, custom interior with limo-style leather seating, flat screen TV, beautiful lighting effects, bar area, and a sound system that is out of this world!

14 Passenger Limo Bus

The smallest of our buses is our 14 passenger Chevy limo bus. This vehicle has it all! Limo-style leather seating, dance light shows, surround sound, TV and DVD player, iPod hookup, colorful lighting, and on board cooler! Perfect for bar hopping in Seattle!

18 Passenger Limo Bus

Our 18 passenger white mini coach limo bus is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and more! This vehicle features the following: Leather seating, surround sound, strobe lighting, flat screen TV and DVD player, dance light show, iPod hookup, bottle storage, cooler with ice, and custom glassware. There's even telephone access to the chauffeur!

22 Passenger Limo Bus

With room for up to 22 passengers, our black mini coach limo bus is a perfect vehicle for any occasion. Check out these features: Two-tone leather seating, surround sound, 2 TVs, DVD player, iPod hookup, colorful lighting, dance light shows, bar areas with bottle storage, privacy shades, and chauffeur telephone access!

30 Passenger Limo Bus

One of our favorites is our 30 passenger limo bus, AKA the 30 passenger land yacht! This vehicle has the following: Fully custom interior with leather wrap-around seating, hardwood flooring, loud sound system, color-changing lighting, large flat screen TVs and DVD player, CD player and iPod hookup, fiber optic lighting, bar areas, and mirrored ceiling!

34 Passenger Limo Bus

With a maximum seating capacity of 34 passenger,s our Ford F550 Super Duty limo bus is a work of art. This vehicle features black and silver wrap-around leather seating, exotic wood flooring, beautiful color-changing lighting, LED floor lighting, custom ceiling lighting, loud sound system, large flat screen TV, DVD player, CD player, pod hookup, glass holders, cooler,and more!

36 Passenger Limo Bus

Our largest limo bus is our up to 36 passenger Chevrolet Kodiak C5500 limo bus! This spacious limo bus features the following: Leather perimeter seating, exotic wood floors, state-of-the-art sound system, two large flat screen TVs, DVD player, CD player, iPod hookup, fiber optic lighting, mirrored ceilings, LED accent lighting, cooler, and more!

36 Passenger Limo Bus

Another mega bus for up to 36 passenger Chevrolet Kodiak C5500 limo bus! This bus offers the luxe features you've come to expect from our fleet, including plush leather seats, gorgeous wood floors, vibrant color-changing lights, TV and DVD, CD and iPod connection, a great stereo, passenger climate conrol, and so much more!

Shuttle buses

Looking for shuttle services? We have the best vehicles to comfortably transport you!

10 Passenger Shuttle Van

Our 10 passenger Ford Transit Executive Van has the following: Space for up to 10 passengers plus luggage, comfortable seating, specious interior, and tinted windows.

14 Passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Another Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van! This van is less of a party van, but is still luxurious and can be rented for shuttle services or weddings! Comfortable leather seating, wood floors, colorful lighting, privacy shades, and great sound system are all featured!

14 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Our 14 passenger Chevrolet van with space for 14 passengers is a discreet travel option. Comfortable seating, spacious interior, and rear luggage space make this vehicle perfect for corporate transport or airport shuttle service.

16 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Our 16 passenger shuttle bus has the following: Comfortable high-back seating, flat screen LCD TV, DVD player, CD player, and rear luggage compartment!

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Our 24 passenger coach bus is perfect for transporting groups. This vehicle has high-back seating with arm rests, luggage racks, 4 flip-down TVs, DVD player and CD player. Great for any occasion!

24 Passenger Coach Bus

This vehicle is great for any event and makes for comfortable airport shuttle for large groups. You can find the following features on this bus: High-back reclining seats, flat screen LCD TV, DVD Player, CD player, overhead luggage space, wood flooring, and dark tinted windows for privacy.

28 Passenger Charter Bus

Our 28 passenger mini coach is a luxurious shuttle-style bus. AM/FM radio with MP3 hookup, six speakers, PA system, high-back seats and luggage space are all featured. This is a great vehicle for executive transport!

29 Passenger Shuttle Bus

Our 29 passenger mini coach is a perfect choice for shuttle services or executive transport. This vehicle has: High-back seating, rear luggage space and overhead luggage racks, large windows, 4 flat screen LCD TVs, DVD player, CD player, and even PA system!

33 Passenger Coach Bus

Our largest coach bus is our 33 passenger. This luxury VIP coach has the following: High-back reclining seats, large windows, luggage racks, 6 flip-down LCD TVs, DVD player, and CD player.

Sedan and SUV

Our sedan and SUV shuttle vehicles are spacious, comfortable, and make for relaxing travel whether you're going to the airport or running errands!